It is not just a basic shorter url generator tool. It helps you to track, manage and monitor your URL activities

Cutle featues pointing

Easy Management

Simple but comprehensive dashboard to monitor your shorter URL activities


Track Clicks

Track the amount of clicks each mini url received separately


Pause / Resume

You can pause the redirection at any time and resume whenever you need later


Never Expires

Short URLs are valid for any time of period until you pause or remove it

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Why Cutle URL Shortener

It's not about the length,
It's the User Experience

No point of generating Shorter URLs, if they get immediately marked as spam links, unsecure or if they goes down time to time. That is why you need to start using cutle. We make sure that all of our mini URLs will give you the following benefits.

  • Actually Short
  • Speed Redirection
  • High Availability
  • Secure
  • Not a Spam link
  • Totally Free

Use cases of Cutle Mini URL generator

One tool for all your mini URL requirements. We have covered every use case that you can come up with. Multi purpose short URLs for your business.

SMS marketing icon

SMS Marketing

Make sure links are clickable , not span over multiple messages.

Social media icon

Social Media

Generate easy sharable mini URLs to reach a higher audience

Surveys icon


Create and conduct surveys with shorter links. Count the survey visits

Email champaigns icon

Email Champaigns

Stop sending emails with multi line URLs. Prevent emails ending in spam boxes.

Content marketing icon

Content Marketing

Create and share content with easily sharable and memorable shorter URLs

Web Traffic generation icon

Web Traffic Generation

Generate more traffic with trusted URL patterns.

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